City Manager – Laguna Beach, CA

Client: City of Laguna Beach, California
Position: City Manager
Closing Date: Appointment Made

Additional Information: 


The City of Laguna Beach seeks qualified applicants to serve as City Manager of this unique community in scenic Orange County. Candidates are expected to have proven leadership, verbal and written communication skills, be a problem solver and mediator, and demonstrate a passion for public service. The chosen candidate will possess a managerial understanding of municipal finance, community development, capital improvement, and commitment to providing high standards of customer service to all members of the community. The City employs more than 285 full-time employees and an additional 300 part-time employees during the peak summer months with a current annual budget of $137.2 million and a General Fund budget of $88.6 million. The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City and is responsible for the administration of all City business, and reports to the City Council. The City Manager provides executive leadership, direction, review, and coordination of all city departments and operations.

Requires a bachelor’s degree; a master’s degree in public or business administration or an applicable field of study is preferred. Experience as a city manager or assistant manager is strongly desired by the City Council. Experience in California is highly regarded. Coastal city experience desirable but not required. All highly qualified candidates are strongly invited to submit credentials and career history for consideration by the City Council.

The City Council will offer a highly competitive salary and benefits package to its next City Manager which considers the candidate’s qualifications and track record of career success. The salary for the previous City Manager was $297,432 annually. The City offers a comprehensive benefits package including CalPERS retirement. Additionally, the City may offer a housing assistance package to the selected candidate.