Our Recent Placements

Mitchell Williams Public Defender – Franklin County, OH

David Kiff City Manager – Laguna Beach, CA

Ben Harvey City Manager – Ojai, CA

John Thomas Chief of Police – University of California, Los Angeles

Willie Hopkins City Manager – Compton, CA

Raul Alvarez City Manager – Montebello, CA

Cecilia Gallardo-Daly Assistant City Manager – Costa Mesa, CA

Michael Ramirez City Manager – Carpinteria, CA

Katherine Chew Executive Director – LA Law Library

Jorge Garcia City Manager – Pismo Beach, CA

Daniel Barrow City Manager – Colma, CA

Christopher Moews Police Chief – La Verne, TN

Jamie Sorenson Director of Social Services – Clark County, NV

Kevin Strauss Communications Manager – Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency

Forrest Ebbs Deputy City Manager – Modesto, CA

Anton Shaw Vice President of Housing Choice Voucher Program – Corpus Christi Housing Authority & Affiliates

David Cotton County Manager – Cleveland County, NC

Mark Wardlaw Director of Land Use Services – San Bernardino County, CA

Randy Murphy City Manager – Solvang, CA

Lynn Fyhrlund Chief Information Officer – San Bernardino County, CA

Elaine Jeng City Manager – Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Brandon Riley CEO – Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco

Kevin Domby Chief of Police – University of California, Santa Cruz

Shea Joachim Assistant Town Manager – Queen Creek, AZ

Norbert Ruijling Chief Innovation Officer – Tracy, CA

Jeff Wilkins Town Manager – Oro Valley, AZ

Michael Troendle Chief of Police – Toledo, OH

Manuel Cid Police Chief – Glendale, CA

Bryan Glass Public Safety Director – Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles

Summer Nicotero General Manager – Tri-Dam Project

Ellen Osoinach City Attorney – Lake Oswego, OR

Kathryn Nance Chief of Police – Reno, NV

Jeffrey Matheson General Manager – Rossmoor Walnut Creek

Jimmy Dang General Manager – Oro Loma Sanitary District

Mike Futrell City Manager – Riverside, CA

Alan Claypool Assistant Chief Information Officer – Phoenix, AZ

David Slayton CEO – Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles

Andrew Granger Deputy City Manager – Goodyear, AZ

Mark Goodman Police Chief – Maricopa, AZ

Kenneth Domer City Manager – La Verne, CA

Mark Orme City Manager – Eastvale, CA

Geoffrey Holbrook General Counsel – Imperial Irrigation District

David McAbee Director of Public Works – Palm Springs, CA

Anna Nicholas City Manager – Gustine, CA

Lincoln Lo Deputy Director of Public Works – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Donovan Lazaro Economic Development Director – Fremont, CA

Aaron Gabbe Regional Conservation Director – Riverside County Transportation Commission

Aldo Schindler City Manager – Artesia, CA

Matt Marquez Planning & Economic Development Director – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Alice Burnett Director of Human Resources – Placentia, CA

Robert Moya Assistant Finance Director – Costa Mesa, CA

Lori Sassoon City Manager – Norco, CA

Todd Cusimano City Manager – Mill Valley, CA

Nick Zettel Director of Electric Utility – Redding, CA

Rachel Johnson Chief of Police – Manhattan Beach, CA

Robert Nisbet City Manager – Goleta, CA

Erik Galloway Project Delivery Director – Riverside County Transportation Commission

Rodrick Armalin Director of Public Safety – Lancaster, CA

Kristine Day Assistant General Manager – Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Stefan Chatwin City Manager – Foster City, CA

Jason Potts Director, Department of Public Safety – Las Vegas, NV

Vanessa Rauschenberger General Manager – Gold Coast Transit District

Jacqueline Hendricks-Moore Inspector General – Columbus, OH

Sean Grayson City Manager – Nevada City, CA

Spring Andrews Information Technology Manager – Morgan Hill, CA

Jennifer Gamez Director of Human Resources – Solano Irrigation District

Steve Choi Director of Safety & Security – Irvine Ranch Water District

Matt Fore General Services Director – Goleta, CA

Jaime Valdez Neighborhood Services Director – Goleta, CA

Heather Abrams Town Manager – Fairfax, CA

Lynne Bourgault General Counsel – East Bay Regional Parks District

Henry Thompson Director of Aviation – Fresno, CA

Sergio Vidal Chief Financial Officer – Riverside County Transportation Commission

Martin Erickson Executive Director – Ventura County Transportation Commission

Konrad Bolowich City Manager – Grad Terrace, CA

Mark Prestwich City Manager – Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Angel Montoya Fire Chief – Richmond, CA

Jose Reynoso City Manager – Sierra Madre, CA

Andy Mills Chief of Police – Palm Springs, CA

Teresa Gallavan Assistant City Manager – Palm Springs, CA

H. Yanni Demitri Public Works Director – Culver City, CA

Joseph Chacon Chief of Police – Austin, TX

Wayne Strumpfer General Counsel – Imperial Irrigation District

Javiera Cartagena Director of Government & Public Affairs – Southern California Association of Governments

Mark Northrup Chief Information Technology Officer – Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Willie Hopkins City Administrator – Barstow, CA

Gabriel Engeland City Manager – Los Altos, CA

Trisha Tillotson Community Development Agency Director – Nevada County, CA

Lon Pluckhahn Deputy City Manager – Community and Economic Development – Vancouver, WA

Deborah Berry Manager of Finance & Accounting – Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Becky Rude Assistant City Attorney III – Vancouver, WA

Nena Cook Chief Assistant City Attorney – Vancouver, WA

Sharon Rahban Navizadeh Controller – Compton, CA

Alina Hudak City Manager – Miami Beach, FL

Devora Navera Reed General Counsel – Los Angeles Unified School District

Christian Wallis Chief Executive Officer – Grossmont Healthcare District

Cynthia Fortune Budget and Purchasing Manager – Costa Mesa, CA

Dave Hampton General Manager – North Kern Water Storage District

Sonia Andrews City Treasurer/CFO – Scottsdale, AZ

Kindon Meik City Manager – Calabasas, CA

Louis Molina Director, Department of Public Safety – Las Vegas, NV

Mary Beth Martin General Counsel – Southern California Public Power Agency

Stan Standridge Chief of Police – San Marcos, TX

Cindy Giraldo Chief Financial Officer – Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

Jenna Hornstock Deputy Director – Special Initiatives – Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

Robert York Public Works Director – Issaquah, WA

Mark Gilkey Executive Director – Westside Water Authority

Alan Piombo City Manager – Mill Valley, CA

Mark Breidenbaugh District Manager – Northwest Mosquito & Vector Control District

Jenny Novak Director, Emergency Management & Continuity – California State University, Office of the Chancellor

Ryan Lee Chief of Police – Boise, ID

Darrell Alexander Building Services Officer – Austin, TX

Jeff Jones President/General Manager – Woodlands Township, TX

Michael Cronig Deputy City Attorney – Denton, TX

Edward Reiskin City Administrator – Oakland, CA

Hassan Hadjimiry Utilities Director – Delray Beach, FL

J.J. Craig Chief of Police – Richmond, TX

Clive Savacool Fire Chief – South Lake Tahoe, CA

Krista Riggs Library Director – Madera County, CA

Anthony DiGrazia Labor Relations Director – Los Angeles Unified School District

Jan Lee Assistant General Manager – Dublin San Ramon Services District

Andrew White City Manager – Powell, OH

Conal McNamara City Manager – La Palma, CA

Elba Gomez Human Resources Director – Madera County, CA

Ron Phillips City Administrator – Bishop, CA

Marc Wiener Director of Community Development – Laguna Beach, CA

Gabriella Yap Deputy City Manager – Beverly Hills, CA

Drew Lander General Manager – Sunnyslope County Water District

Kristen Jensen Director of Public Works – San Bernardino, CA

Mike Goodrum City Manager – Sugar Land, TX

Nicholas Calderon Parks Director – County of San Mateo

Shawny Williams Chief of Police – Vallejo, CA

Greg Thomas General Manager – Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

Charles Ryan Fire Chief – Tucson, AZ

Ellis Chang Director of Administrative Services – Fullerton, CA

Katherine Elliott County Counsel – Nevada County, CA

Timothy Albright Chief of Police – Elk Grove, CA

Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde Deputy City Manager – Austin, TX

Toney Chaplin Chief of Police – Hayward, CA

Rainer Navarro Chief of Police – Santa Rosa, CA

Jason Watkins Enterprise Director of Finance – Broward County, FL

Jae Hill Planning Director – Big Bear Lake, CA

Eric Ellwanger City Manager – Allen, TX

Jason Rosenberg Assistant District Counsel – East Bay Regional Park District

James Russell-Field Assistant Finance Director – Benicia, CA

Cathy Madalone Police Chief – Pacific Grove, CA

Matthew Hobbs Water & Power Operations Manager – Solano Irrigation District

Javier Trujillo Chief Assistant Director of Information Services & Technology – Marin County, CA

Scott Wolfe City Manager – Buellton, CA

David Flaherty  Enterprise Assistant Director of Business – Airport Concessions – Broward County, FL

Stephen Baiter Executive Director – East Bay Economic Development Alliance

David Erb Finance Director – Lewisville, TX

Rod Foster City Administrator – Rialto, CA

Gina Fiandaca Assistant City Manager for Mobility – Austin, TX

Rey Arellano Assistant City Manager for Safety – Austin, TX

Terry Naulty Assistant General Manager of Power Supply – Denton, TX

Sara Hensley Assistant City Manager – Denton, TX

Jason Clifton Water Division Superintendent – LaGrange, GA

Sarah Johnson-Rios Assistant City Manager – Paso Robles, CA

Kelly Flannery Chief Financial Officer – Charlotte, NC

Margarita Munoz Comptroller – El Paso, TX

Kirsten Rowe Assistant Director of Human Resources – Beverly Hills, CA

Beverli Marshall General Manager – Valley Sanitary District

Kristine Schmidt Deputy City Manager – Goleta, CA

Jon McMillen City Manager – La Quinta, CA

John Bruce Chief of Police – Richland, WA

Hector Barron Assistant City Manager – Municipal Services – Sacramento, CA

Michael Huntley Director of Community and Economic Development – San Bernardino, CA

Lori Ann Farrell Harrison City Manager – Costa Mesa, CA

Craig Owens City Manager – Lawrence, KS

Deborah Feng City Manager – Cupertino, CA

Kome Ajise Executive Director – Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG)

Raul Garcia Construction Services Manager – Anaheim, CA

Kathryn Mallon Executive Director – Delta Conveyance and Construction Authority (California WaterFix)

Mary Khoshmashrab Independent Performance Auditor – San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Arlo Stockham Director of Community Development – Reno, NV

Reenie Askew Chief Information Officer – Charlotte, NC

Cynthia Alvarado-Crawford Director of Parks & Recreation – Palm Springs, CA

Gilbert Estrada Director of Building & Safety – Palm Springs, CA

Bill Schwind General Manager – Sun City West, AZ

Caluha Barnes Deputy City Manager – Modesto, CA

Scotty Douglass Deputy City Manager – Modesto, CA

Mark Hartwig Fire Chief – Santa Barbara County, CA

Rob de Geus City Manager – Westlake Village, CA

Christopher Shorter Assistant City Manager of Health & Environment and Culture & Lifelong Learning – Austin, TX

Rodney Gonzales Assistant City Manager of Economic Opportunity & Affordability – Austin, TX

Ying Chan Deputy Director of Communications and Technology Management – Austin, TX

Meg McWade Director of Public Works – Fullerton, CA

Mark Watson County Manager – Union County, NC

Jennifer Yasumoto Health & Human Services Agency Director – Napa County, CA

Eric Nickel Fire Chief – Santa Barbara City Fire Department, CA

Maurice Johnson Fire Chief – El Dorado Hills Fire Department, CA

Todd Corbin Riverside Public Utilities General Manager – Riverside, CA

Leo Levenson Chief Financial Officer – San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Noel Bernal City Manager – Brownsville, TX

David Storer Planning and Community Services Director – Sonoma, CA

Frank Dixon Police Chief – Denton, TX

Margarita Zamora HRS Labor Relations Manager – Alameda County, CA

Gary Loesch Fire Chief – Sacramento, CA

Dr. Peter Beilenson Director of Health Services – Sacramento County, CA

Brian Young Fire Chief – Corona, CA

Hans Uslar City Manager – Monterey, CA

Ghassan Korban Executive Director – Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Natalie Komuro Deputy County Executive Officer-Homelessness Solutions – Riverside County, CA

Brenda Diederichs Assistant County Executive Officer-Human Resources – Riverside County, CA

Robert Hearne City Engineer – Big Bear Lake, CA

Andrew White Chief of Police – Clearlake, CA

Peter Tokar President – McKinney Economic Development Corporation, TX

Jovan Grogan City Manager – San Bruno, CA

Terry Kruger Chief of Police – West Linn, OR

Mary Booher Assistant County Executive Officer – Napa County, CA

Alex Zheng Chief Technology Officer – Alameda County, CA

David Libatique Deputy Executive Director, Stakeholder Engagement – Port of Los Angeles

Troy Brown City Manager – Moorpark, CA

Denise Pouget Fire Chief – Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

David Huchler Police Chief – Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Cynthia Renaud Chief of Police – Santa Monica, CA

Reginald Johnson Fire Chief – Charlotte, NC

Susana Alcala Wood City Attorney – Sacramento, CA

Elizabeth (Tammy) Snow Fire Chief – Wichita, KS

Andrew Myerberg Director, Office of Police Accountability – Seattle, WA

Lisa Judge Office of Inspector General Director – Seattle, WA

Joseph Dell Fire Chief – Bishop, CA

Joe Wilson Human Resources Director – Cincinnati, OH

Christopher Cash Public Works Director – Orange, CA

Craig Cummings Director of Water Utilities – Arlington, TX

Wayne Fletcher Director of Risk Manager – Broward County, FL

James Cogan Assistant City Manager – Paso Robles, CA

Mary-Margaret Lemons President – Fort Worth Housing Authority

Ted White Community Development Manager – Fullerton, CA

Michael O’Kelly Administrative Services Director – Fullerton, CA

Zachary Korach – Finance Manager – Cupertino, CA

Rhonda Patrick Executive Director – Austin-Travis County Sobriety Center

John Gentry Deputy Director of Public Works – Goleta, CA

Kristine Ridge City Manager – Laguna Niguel, CA

George Morrow General Manager – Denton Municipal Electric

Scott Collins City Manager – Morro Bay, CA

Sarah Demory Assistant Aviation Director – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Charlene Reynolds Assistant Aviation Director – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Rick Smith Chief of Police – Kansas City Police Department

Philip McAvoy Assistant Electric Utility Director – Roseville, CA

Tatiana Szerwinski Assistant Director of Administrative Services/Finance – Beverly Hills, CA

John Harris Public Works Director/City Engineer – Big Bear Lake, CA

Carlos Corrales Director of Finance – Ventura

Daniel Hahn Chief of Police – Sacramento, CA

Randy Fenn Chief of Police – Fairfield, CA

Paula Macedo General Manager – Contra Costa Mosquito & Vector Control District

Mark Koller Chief of Police – Hayward, CA

Chris Turner-Noteware Assistant Director of Mobility & Street Services – Dallas, TX

Rob Houston City Manager – Fountain Valley, CA

Roy Winston Fire Chief – Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Jonathan Lucas Chief Medical Examiner/Coroner – Los Angeles County

Linda Gerull Chief Information Officer – City and County of San Francisco

Alberto Ayala Executive Director – Sacramento Metro Air Quality Management District

Debra Rose City Manager – Lake Forest, CA

Greg Ferguson Town Manager – Waxhaw, NC

Glynda Steiner Assistant Division Director Solid Waste Division – King County, WA

Gregory Allen Chief of Police – Morro Bay, CA

Craig Middleton City Manager – Belvedere, CA

Michael Martin Deputy Director of Real Estate and Development – Port of San Francisco

Sabra Smith-Newby City Manager – Reno, NV

Sean Slamon Fire Chief – Carson City, NV

Tony Lee Chief of Police – University of California, Los Angeles

Bob Richardson City Manager – Auburn, CA

Bill Scott Chief of Police – San Francisco, CA