General Manager – Transmission Agency of Northern California

Client: Transmission Agency of Northern California
(Folsom, California)
Position: General Manager
Closing Date: Appointment Made

Additional Information: 


A statewide recruitment is underway to identify top candidates (or private firms) to serve as the General Manager (via contract agreement) of a Joint Powers Authority that provides electric transmission to its Member Agencies. This is a unique opportunity to have an encore career working with a significant amount of autonomy yet contributing in a full-time capacity. This highly experienced individual (or firm) will draw both technical knowledge and experience from an accomplished career in the public or private sector as a utility manager or as an executive in city/county management with keen understanding of transmission delivery. This General Manager will also have outstanding facilitation and collaboration skills, be impartial and apolitical in the day-to-day dealings of services. This position requires the GM to be extremely hands-on in running the JPA in support of the Commission, oversight of contracts and agenda management. The provision of all benefits or staffing augmentation will fall under the contractual agreement. Interested parties should be aware that TANC is a non-CalPERS agency. Importantly, the selected candidate (or firm) will work remotely, although periodic Commission and Committee meetings will be held in Northern California. At present time, all meetings are being held via video.

The General Manager reports directly to the TANC Commission and receives policy guidance from the Commission. Annual budget is in excess of $33 million.

The TANC Commission will provide contractual agreement with the selected individual that will be achieved in one of three ways: Directly contracting as a self-employed consultant (#1099); Creation of a new entity by the GM to provide the services (i.e., Limited Liability Corporation); or Employment through a Third-Party entity (Ralph Andersen & Associates or designated private firm).

Important to note, TANC is not designated to have any direct employees or provide benefits. Interested parties should be aware that the JPA is not a CalPERS agency. Additionally, based on recent rulings in California, it is no longer advised for partner agencies (including JPAs) to rely on inter-agency MOUs and agreements due to retirement plan issues. For this reason, this contractual structure for engaging the TANC’s General Manager is being sought.

The individual selected to be the GM through either self-employment or in a contracted capacity (LLC or private firm) will need to have the following experience and education to be considered:

This position requires progressively responsible executive-level management and administrative experience dealing with electric transmission and ideally more specific to addressing the needs of a transmission service provider. Current or prior California experience working directly with a public utility is strongly preferred including extensive knowledge of reliability compliance, California ISO, California Public Utility Commission, and other federal-level regulatory agencies (FERC, etc.). Experience overseeing work products and timely deliverables from consultants is expected including the ability to incorporate best business practices, judicious financial management and identify operational inefficiencies. Understanding the relationship with OASIS service provider will be very beneficial experience. A Bachelor’s degree is required. Advanced degree is a plus.